Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Last Nights Dream...

Ray, Marco & I were having drinks on a dock, nowhere particular. When a twin-engine propeller plane streaks across the sky with flames and smoke billowing from one of the engines, it was clearly going to crash. I jumped up from my lounge chair and yelled to Ray and Marco “call the FAA!”

Why I yelled that I have no idea, other than the obvious… Anyway, as I ran to the end of the dock (towards a motorboat) I realized that the plane wasn’t going to crash in the water, but go further and hit the beach. I stopped and turned and ran towards where I thought the crash was going to be.

As I’m running to the crash site people are spilling out of a concert hall where a concert apparently just finished. As I’m making my way through the crowd an absolutely hot blonde chick grabs me and mistakes me for the lead singer of the band that had just played! She is thrilled and very happy to see me! As she is hugging & kissing me (among other things), we start to make our way back to… somewhere, I don’t know exactly where but we’re going somewhere. While she & I are walking we bump into some of her friends, then Marco shows up and one of her friends mistakes him for another band member! Needless to say she is also very happy (and hot) to see Marco so the four of us are heading back to… somewhere.

That’s it. Your Guess Is As Good As Mine...


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